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Motorized sports, such as ATV and snowmobiling, are still very popular in Canadian provinces and throughout the United States. In both countries, the majority of trails are managed at the provincial (or State) level by non-profit organizations responsible for their maintenance, as well as for all communications with riders.


Many of these organizations face a significant challenge in tracking trail conditions with no easy way of passing information to their members. In addition to this problem, it is impossible to modify the trails map once it is printed, forcing riders to fall back on third-party applications to find their way in case of trail reroutings/closures.


To address these challenges, Mapgears developed evtrails, an all-in-one platform for organizations tasked with trails management that makes it easy to add, edit, or delete trails, and provide riders with a user-friendly map compatible with all devices.

Through this platform, organizations can now make the necessary changes which are then communicated to riders in real-time at no additionnal effort.


By centralizing all the resources in a single platform, organizations are now more effective in managing their trails and communicating information.

In addition to that, riders now have access to an always up-to-date source of information to plan their trips, increasing safety and making sure they focus on riding instead of finding their way through the trails network.


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