Blacksburg is an American municipality located in Virginia with a population of just under 40,000 people. Being located at the bottom of the American “Snow Belt”, the municipality receives a relatively small amount of snow each year, although it is occasionally the victim of major storms.


The public works department wants to have an interactive conditions tracking system that will allow the team to better respond to snow showers and to easily follow snow plowing operations.


This system will have to work directly from the computers web browser, in addition to being optimized for mobile devices.

It will also need to integrate data from different sources, such as GPS tracking of vehicles, weather forecasts through web services, streets data from the municipal geomatics department, and so on.


The eVouala platform was set up and adapted for the needs of the public works department of Blacksburg. The city can now:

  • Track its truck fleet in real time with connected GPS devices
  • View cleaned road segments thanks to automatic synchronization
  • Get automated reports sent by email at predefined intervals
  • Go “back in time” to review past operations and movements
  • More easily manage citizens’ complaints about lack of services


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