Linewise Aerial Inc. is a Canadian firm dedicated to analyzing the integrity of power grids through the use of advanced sensors mounted on helicopters. The company collects, analyses, storesand delivers the information that powerline customers need to make informed decisions about maintaining the utility infrastructure.


The collection, storage and management of massive data sets is at the core of the Linewise business. As such, the company wishes to improve its workflow by centralizing all collected information in one place and have the ability to easily share the data with its customers in a secure manner.


The implementation of eVouala has enabled Linewise to integrate its data (video streams, reports, GPS files) into a single platform. It is able to share the results of its analysis with the client through a simple hyperlinks ent by email, allowing for a secure connection to the platform.


eVouala was configured to integrate geo-referenced data and video to the movements of the helicopter over time. Linewise is now able to:

  • Upload videos files on the platform and synchronize them to a map
  • Quickly mark the anomalies found during the flight
  • Fill out anomaly reports directly online
  • Share results with the customer in just a few clicks, on any device

The client can now:

  • Watch the footage recorded by Linewise, which is synchronized with the map
  • Quickly identify powerline issues
  • View the report related to each anomaly with a click on the map
  • Access the company’s data in a secure way (user account)


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