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Last week marked the official launch of evStreets, our newest product created specifically for public works departments and waste collection managers.

So what exactly is evStreets?

By combining our technology with GEOTAB devices, evStreets gives managers a bird’s eye view of ongoing and past operations to improve their decision-making, relay information more effectively and simplify their management tasks.

The platform achieves all of this through its three core functionalities:

  • The Operations Manager, where managers and dispatchers have control over routes, contracts and assignments
  • The Mobile Assistant, where drivers can view their assigned route and progress through the tablet embarked inside their vehicle
  • The Customer View, where customers and city officials can follow current and past operations in a read-only format

Let’s dig in deeper inside each of these for a more detailed look.

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager is the command center made for managers and is the most important functionality of evStreets.

Using the map, it is possible to quickly create, edit and delete routes for waste collection, snow removal and other tasks.

Once a route is created, it then takes only a few clicks to assign one or multiple vehicles equipped with their respective GEOTAB device.

As the operation progresses, each route will see it’s completion rate increase in near real-time according to vehicle movements, allowing managers to have a quick feel of the situation at all times.

Another important part of a manager’s work is keeping track of performance and responding to customer inquiries – something that is made easy with evStreets.

By clicking on a street segment, a manager can pull up a report indicating the exact vehicle that completed the operation at the exact time.

For the more visually inclined, evStreets also comes equipped with a powerful “Time Machine”, which can trace the exact path of a vehicle for a set timeframe.

Mobile Assistant

The Mobile Assistant is the functionality made specifically to create a communication channel between managers/dispatchers and drivers.

Before starting their route, drivers connect to evStreets through their embarked tablet and select their assigned vehicle number.

Once that’s done, they can view their assigned route(s), follow their progress in real-time and see where the other vehicles are at.

This is extremely useful for newer drivers who don’t know the routes yet and for managers to seamlessly assign new routes to drivers who finished their run early.

The tracking can also be paused for when a driver needs to unload at a dumping site, ensuring they retake their route at the exact same spot they left.

Customer view

The Customer View allows for an easier and more transparent communication of the state of live and past operations with customers/city officials.

Much like with the Operations Manager, the Customer View displays routes, vehicles, reports and operations status, with the exception that nothing can be modified or deleted in this mode.

This data empowers them to respond more effectively to citizen inquiries, as well as ensure the quality of services for the whole area.

It is important to note that in this mode, a customer can only see data (routes, vehicles, etc.) for his specific administrative zone and nothing else.

Interested in learning more?

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