The Chaudière-Appalaches Emergency Call Center (CAUCA), a paramunicipal non-profit organization, acts as a primary 9-1-1 call and dispatch center serving more than 500 municipalities in Quebec.

CAUCA also acts as a secondary center for the treatment of fire and health calls, in addition to developing sophisticated technological tools to support the work of firefighters and ambulance attendants.


The Chaudière-Appalaches Emergency Call Center (CAUCA) wishes to review the integration of cartography into its various services.

The needs to be covered are numerous, but the priorities are as follows:

  • Centralize geographic information from different organizations into a single geospatial database
  • Improve API to facilitate the development of external applications
  • Implement docker to automatically install the platform environment
  • Connect an external search service
  • Integrate Mapgears map components into the software solutions developed by CAUCA


The goal of this project is to implement the Mapgears eVouala platform in CAUCA’s processes to facilitate the management and exploitation of geospatial data.


CAUCA is now using the eVouala platform to extend the functionality of its own emergency response software developed in .NET.

The program uses the Mapgears API to manage interactions with geospatial data and the map. The organization also leverages the data editing and synchronization properties of the platform, which allows it to always have the most up-to-date information possible.

CAUCA is now better equipped to respond to emergency situations where the performance and accuracy of the used tools is paramount.


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