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Mapgears offers products that assist decision-making by presenting data through online maps in a visual manner. Created with non-technical users in mind, our products are made to be simple to use while still packing lots of features and functionalities for more advanced users.

eVouala revolutionizes the way to manage and analyze spatial or geographical information. It makes use of online technologies to provide a real-time modern and a user-friendly collaborative environment to help solve what used to be considered complex problems lost within the traditional geomatics silos.

eVouala is a platform purposely designed to be used by managers and those individuals that may not possess the all the skills of a GIS (Geographic Information system) specialist. It is a very valuable tool for the developers and GIS specialists when collecting or delivering data information that has location or georeference component to it.

Visit evouala.com

By combining our technology with GEOTAB devices, evStreets gives managers a bird’s eye view of ongoing and past operations to improve their decision-making, relay information more effectively and simplify their management tasks.

The platform achieves all of this through its three core functionalities:

The Operations Manager, where managers and dispatchers have control over routes, contracts and assignments

The Mobile Assistant, where drivers can view their assigned route and progress through the tablet embarked inside their vehicle

The Customer View, where customers and city officials can follow current and past operations in a read-only format

Visit evstreets.com

evTrails is an all-in-one solution designed for outdoor activities associations looking to simplify their trails' management and to enhance their members' experience.

Based on eVouala, Mapgears' flagship product, this solution is made of 4 interconected modules that enable the evTrails complete experience.

Trail manager: Packing intuitive tools, the trail manager allows the organization's managers to edit the trail map themselves, providing members with a map true to reality.

Real-time trails status: Whether it is with GPS devices connected directly to groomers or through dedicated smartphones, it is possible to automatically provide members with a real-time overview of trail conditions by following the movements of the groomers.

Mobile application: With or without mobile data access, the app allows members to access their location at any time, view the trails map, check for nearby services and more!

Interactive trails map: The interactive map allows snowmobilers to view the trails map and status through the Internet with any device.

Visit evtrails.com

Cartalib OSM

Cartalib OSM

Cartalib OSM contains everything you need to publish a OSM map with MapServer. It is really easy to use: just download and copy the data and configuration files to your MapServer server. Et voilà!

The product combines geospatial data from OpenStreetMap with optimized MapServer configuration files (mapfiles). This product is intended for users who have chosen MapServer as their cartographic engine and who wish to have immediate access to an OpenStreetMap map optimized for their needs.

We offer this product in three specific themes, but we can also create a version for your needs. Contact us for more information.