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On September 19th, we released version 11.9 of evTrails, which brings new features and improvements to the platform.

One of the major features released with this version is the ability to use calculated fields inside of a datasource.

This is really useful if, let's say, you would like to automatically calculate the maintenance cost of a trail by multiplying it's length by a fixed $ amount. This calculated field could then apply for all of your existing trails, but also the ones you add in the future!

Another great addition in this release is the ability to make routing either use or ignore trails marked as closed.

Before this change, the routing feature would always consider closed trails since conditions change quickly in winter and users like to plan their trips ahead of time. With this enhancement, you now have the option to completely disable routing through closed trails if that makes more sense for your riders.

Note: This is an on-demand feature, which means you can contact us to have routing through closed trails disabled.

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