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evStreets - VERSION 1.1

On September 6th, we released version 1.1 of evStreets, which brings new features and improvements to the platform.

Perhaps the most notable change made for this release was to the paths algorithm. Due to the sheer amount of data used to create paths, it would sometimes lead to the platform feeling a little slow. We made a deep dive into the algorithm and tweaked it to improve performance, which we're very glad to say was successful! As a result, evStreets now feels a lot snappier and loads a lot quicker.

One of the new features added to this release are school corridors, which are represented as a blue status on street segments. This is to warn drivers to take extra care in these zones, as children could be around at any given time.

New school corridors feature

You'll also notice that some new icons showed up on the map! These include school zones, firefighter stations and designated dumping areas where drivers can go when their truck has caught fire.

New icons

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