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We're very excited to release version 14 of eVouala, which was launched on September 6th and brings a lot of new features and improvements to the platform functionality.

One such feature is the ability for users to see all of the groups they are a member of, as well as other users who are also in those groups. This new feature is accessible by going into Profile > Groups tab.

New group listing

Another interesting change made in version 6 is the massive update made to the layer tree interface, making it much more intuitive for end users. Layers can now be activated/deactivated by clicking on their name and expanded/collapsed by using the left arrow. A button was also added to allow the user to zoom in the map to the closest visible scale at which this layer’s data can be seen.

New layer tree

We also improved the search options of assets (datasources, maps, web apps, spaces, etc.) inside the platform, allowing for a much more intuitive and in-depth filtering behavior.

New search filters

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New features


Bug fixes