evtrails 2019-2020

Over the years, Mapgears has supported several trail management organizations to be more effective in tracking and reporting trail conditions to their members.

Today, it is more than 10 organizations in North America who are using the evtrails suite to simplify their operations; a number that is constantly growing year by year!

New markets


This progressive conquest of the snowmobile market was accompanied earlier this year by the arrival of Mapgears in a new market: all-terrain vehicles. Since they face challenges very similar to those of snowmobiles, the organizations responsible for ATV trails quickly took advantage of the features offered by evtrails.

In this article, the author highlights the many reasons why the interactive trail map and mobile app are a must for members of the Ontario Federation of ATVs (OFATV). They also responded very favorably to the launch of the QuadON application, resulting in more than 500 downloads during the weekend following its official launch and sitting a little under 1000 total downloads as of now.

It is a great step forward for Mapgears in the world of ATVs, with several other organizations having expressed their interest in the platform and its functionalities.

Innovative features

With a growing user base that is gradually discovering the possibilities offered by modern geomatics solutions, numerous features were added to evtrails this year.

Sponsored POI

The addition of sponsored points of interest (one of the most anticipated features of the season) has also found several takers. Offering new marketing opportunities to trails organizations, this feature allows businesses offering services near the trails to stand out from their competition on the map and the application by promoting their services in a more flexible manner and adopting a distinct color code.

Landscape app

Another major innovation has been the possibility to use the Mapbox rendering engine for the mobile application. The use of this engine allows, among other things, to obtain better performance, more flexibility when handling the card and the separation of the card into downloadable areas.

We have also made several performance optimizations and user interface improvements, both for the administration section and for end users.

In summary


The 2019-2020 season promises to be excellent for evtrails with several snowmobile and ATV buffs using the service. In addition, talks are currently underway to serve new organizations based on the recommendations of their peers.

With already more than 10 organizations using the platform in North America, we are proud to see our customers recommending us year after year, and we will keep improving evtrails past riders expectations.

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