Press Release: Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada, June 2, 2015

Mapgears announces the release and official commercial launch of version 2.0 of its new eVouala Enterprise Platform.


Click, Click, Et Voilà! Location Intelligence Made Easy

The eVouala Enterprise Platform enables organizations, operators, planners, and Geographic Information System (GIS) consultants to centralize and collaborate on their spatial resources over the web in a fraction of the time of traditional platforms.

eVouala revolutionizes the way to manage and analyze spatial or geographical information. It makes use of the latest Web technologies to provide a real-time modern and user-friendly collaborative environment to help solve what used to be considered complex problems lost within the traditional geomatics silos.

“Imagine the smile on a user’s face when they produce their first mapping app using their own data within minutes and without any programming experience. Priceless!”, said Daniel Morissette, president of Mapgears. “The product helps businesses get up to speed faster than ever in publishing and sharing location aware data. As such, it is going to change the way we see and use mapping and location intelligence tools, and we are extremely proud to be leading this revolution”, he added.

Commercial Release and Launch of eVouala 2.0

The high potential of the eVouala Platform is already attracting partners and customers around the World and Mapgears launched a dedicated website at as the home for the product and the go-to place for its global network of partners and customers.

Today, Mapgears announces the official commercial release of eVouala 2.0 through its network of accredited partners. The product is based on the same world class MapServer engine that Mapgears customers are used to, and it has been used internally as eVouala 1.0 with Mapgears customers for over a year now.

If you were under the impression that Mapgears was a bit quiet recently, now you know why: it was simply that the whole team has been very busy planning and working on the new eVouala 2.0 release.


About Mapgears

Headquartered in Chicoutimi (Quebec, Canada), and with offices in Quebec City and Ottawa, Mapgears Inc. develops and markets specialized solutions that bridge the gap that still exists between the worlds of geomatics and of the modern Web. Mapgears’ main software product is the eVouala Enterprise Platform an innovative Web-based GIS collaborative software platform, distributed in North America by accredited partners. Mapgears is also assisting its partners by helping them connect and integrate the eVouala platform with pre-existing enterprise systems and databases. The company also provides complementary services including hosting and geographic data sets that enhance the capabilities of its eVouala product line. Find out more at

Find out more about eVouala

Please visit the website for an overview of the features that are part of eVouala 2.0. Make sure you stop by the blog section of the site for the latest news, and follow us on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss any update.

You want to find out more or request a demo? Please contact us and tell us more about your business and let us show you how eVouala could help you leverage your spatial data to streamline your business processes.