Mapgears will be present at the fourth edition of Envision Geomatics that takes place in Gatineau, QC Canada on November 12th and 13th 2014.

The event is organized in collaboration between the “Centre de Géomatique du Québec”, LocationTech and OSGeo’s Quebec and Ottawa Local Chapters.

Conferences delivered by Mapgears

All conferences delivered by Mapgears will take place in the OSGeo/LocationTech room.

Daniel, along with Fabien Ancelin of the OSGeo Ottawa chapter and Andrew Ross from LocationTech, will deliver an opening conference in the room. It will introduces OSGeo and LocationTech and the base principles behind open source technologies that has been revolutionizing the geospatial world for many years.

Daniel will also host the open discussion event about “La libération des données / Liberating Data” at 15h30 the same day, again in the same room.

The next morning at 10h30, Julien-Samuel will deliver a conference about, a multimodal solution featuring carpooling and route planification built on top of pgRouting, PostGIS, Django and OpenLayers 3.

In the afternoon, Simon will talk about ScribeUI, a web tool that helps creating and maintaining MapServer mapfiles by getting rid of redundant tasks, reducing their size and simplifiying their management.

Patrick will also be there for the first time since he joined the Mapgears team.

Mapgears Kiosk

Again this year, Mapgears will make heads turn at her kiosk. Come and see what new crazy surprise they have prepared for you !