As part of the Senegal National Geomatics Plan, the “Groupe interinstitutionnel de coordination et de concertation en géomatique” identified a need to train staff members from several different ministries and organizations in Senegal. Natural Resources Canada setup a training mandate for those professionals working in IT or geomatics in Senegal.

Mapgears and Cégep Limoilou in Sénégal

Cégep Limoilou has been active on the international scene of geomatics training courses for several years. Their experience in the matter allowed a team of about 20 collaborators to work together and create more than 1200 pages of training documents and activities. The course covers a lot of different subjects, and the hard work of the team allowed them to complete that ambitious mandate.

Creation of the training material regarding web mapping, OGC services and the use of OpenStreetMap’s data was delegated to Simon Mercier from Mapgears. Cégep Limoilou chose him for the task for his expertise in these topics, for which he was also chosen to become part of the trainers team that went on site in Senegal to deliver the course.

Mapgears and Cégep Limoilou in Sénégal

As part of the project, Mapgears also had the chance to perform an important update to OSGeo4W – Express install Web GIS. The whole Mapgears team also provided specific support in regards to open-source mapping software packages to Cégep Limoilou.

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