OpenStreetMap Mapgears’ team has been involved in the development of the new Web application for the “Société de transport de Montréal” (STM) this winter. The TP1 agency, who built the new STM website and integrated their new branding, turned to Mapgears for the production of an online map entirely based on OpenStreetMap, a high quality and free worldwide geospatial data source.

A map styled and customized for the STM

The requirements from STM and TP1 focused on the map styling and rendering quality. Due to the significant costs associated with the use of Google Maps and the flexibility allowed by the use of OpenStreetMap in the custom design of the map, OpenStreetMap has emerged as the best and ideal solution. To create a map that fits naturally with the application, we used the same fonts as those chosen for the brand and filtered some geographic features according to their size (parks) or type (buildings).


The end result is a map that is able to communicate up-to-date and dynamic information and that leaves lots of room for other map features to be added on top, such as the user location, metro lines, bus lines, railways, routes, etc…


ScribeUI, the platform used to produce the map

To speed up the development of the multi-level map of the STM, we used the ScribeUI mapping platform, which is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) used to prepare, write and organize mapfiles. Based on MapServer/MapCache, it supports the well known MapServer mapfile syntax, but also the new basemaps and Scribe syntax. ScribeUI will be released under an open source license in the near future.


We are currently in development process for this project in order to publish a first alpha version of the application. Stay tuned for announcements and updates or contact us if you want to learn more.