Mapgears and MGeospatial join forces to launch Mapgears Solutions

Mapgears and Mgeospatial are pleased to announce the merge of their respective geospatial consulting activities into a new Mapgears division: Mapgears Solutions.

With the MapServer Web mapping engine, we have played an active role in the open source revolution that took off over the last decade in the geospatial field around the world”, says Daniel Morissette, president of Mapgears. “The new Mapgears Solutions team will complement our current technology offering with its highly specialized consulting services to assist our customers in the deployment of MapServer and related open source technologies, and to continue to revolutionize the geospatial field.”

It is with great pleasure that I join the Mapgears team to take on this new challenge”, added Simon Mercier, vice president of the new Mapgears Solutions division. “Mapgears was Mgeospatial’s main technology partner and the merge of our activities was the next logical step to allow us to grow our teams and help sustain the growing demand for our services. Our goal with Mapgears Solutions is to present an innovative web mapping service offering and to continue to deliver bleeding edge solutions to our clients.”