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Web mapping

What is Web mapping?

The Web mapping world in which Mapgears' team has been involved for over a decade is at the intersection of the specialized domain of geomatics and of the Web. It is constituted for the most part of technologies created to publish and exchange geospatial data over the Web.

Once the geospatial data has been collected and analyzed by the geomaticians, then comes the time to publish or share it with a map over the Web. It is at this point that the need arises for Web mapping tools like MapServer, OpenLayers, GeoExt, GeoPrisma, and proprietary APIs like Google Maps.

The Neo-Geographers

In the last few years, a new category of Web mapping users named "Neo-Geographers" has appeared, they are individuals or organizations without specific training in geography or geomatics who own spatial data which they exploit, publish or share via the Web. This new group is different from the first one since they don't use traditional geomatic tools in their work. They simply realized that over 80% of the data stored in their database has a spatial reference and that they can draw the maximum potential out of their data by publishing and sharing it using Web mapping tools.

The team at Mapgears brings an exceptional combination of skills in geomatics, Internet and Web technologies which allows them to bridge these worlds and contribute to the creation of innovative solutions.